Hi, I'm Gwen Peterson

Here are some questions you may be asking yourself. Where is my happiness?
Why do I feel like I should be doing something?
How do I know what I am suppose to do?
Where do I start?

I am familiar with these questions because I asked them of myself over a twenty-five years ago.  That is when I started my personal journey, my soul work.  From that work, I began to heal areas of my life.  I cleared out the old thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back.  I discovered my Soul's calling and was guided to what I do today; holding healing meditations and teaching what I have learned. 
Who knew back then that I would be channeling the energy of the Archangels and Ascended Masters.  lol Together we lovingly guide folks back to their Soul connection that creates for them a new lifestyle filled with happiness, fulfillment and peace.
I invite you to come to one of my classes or meditations and begin your journey of discovery.

In love and gratitude,

Thank you for your kind words

You have awesome energy and are helping us all to heal ourselves and the planet. Blessings on your journey,

Seth G.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all.πŸ™