Online or by phone

Private one on one mentoring sessions

Sometimes a group setting doesn't fit. Each person lives a life filled with many experiences and some of those are more comfortably shared in a private session. Group sessions can be combined with the informal and intensive classes offered. The work is the same that you will get in an informal group setting or intensive classes. The guidance clients receive comes from Gwen’s channeled work with the Archangels and Ascended Masters, her mentors. Their goal is to allow for the client to begin to Trust their Inner Self, Soul or Knowing. To become confident in their feelings and create a life that focuses on healthy selflove techniques. How long does this take? It is dependent on the level of commitment to self-growth and spiritual awareness. Private sessions are available online in thirty minute and one-hour sessions by phone or zoom meetings. Mentoring can cover work, interpersonal relationships and abundance. Begin your journey now.

30 Minute Mentoring Session

Let's explore where you are and where you want to go with your health, employment, abundance and/or relationships.  Not a psychic reading.   $40

1 Hour Mentoring Session

Need a little more time?  $75

Thank you for being the awesome mentor that you are and for being along on my journey.